Meta-ject FX-100

The Meta-ject FX-100 shares all of the benefits of the FX-50 but contains a series of pre-programmed treatment regimens taking the user step by step through the regime by means of its large and clear LCD screen. With a 25% increase in motor speed, the FX100 allows the operator to quickly complete a full program.

Dermatude is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and meets the European Union Medical Standard EN 13485. The company’s digital device, patented* disposable modules, products and comprehensive training offer the beauty professional the ability to perform procedures easily, safely and efficiently. Dermatude offers a unique compact device that includes a superior set of product features that are distinguished by specific benefits for different business settings.

Meta-Ject Handpiece

The light-weight handpiece is ergonomic and very comfortable to hold. The disposable polycarbonate modules are easily attached and removed from the handpiece. The continuously variable depth adjustment means that the operator can control the depth of exfoliation dependent upon the treatment area.

Flex Head Technology

All polycarbonate modules come with Flex head technology, as a result of which the module safely adjusts itself to the skin’s surface, allowing even exfoliation no matter what.