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Bridging the Gap Between Beauty Treatments and Plastic Surgery

 Dermatude was founded in 2012 by Saskia Kusters when she realized there was a gap in the marketplace. Although there are many great skin products in the market, results only last 2-3 days because they don’t penetrate deep enough into the skin. In contrast, plastic surgery offers long-lasting results, but it isn’t natural and requires a long downtime for full recovery. There aren’t many options that are non-invasive. That’s why Saskia took it upon herself to create Meta Therapy, an all-natural, total concept that offers extremely effective results. The total concept offers beauty businesses worldwide all the tools they need to succeed. Beauticians and estheticians are thrilled they no longer spend extra time and resources trying to figure out the branding, marketing, and sales. Since Dermatude’s inception, it has grown quickly and is now distributed in over 35 different countries. See for yourself why it’s loved by celebrities, high-end spas, and wellness resorts worldwide.

How Does Meta Therapy Work?

By using Dermatude's Meta-ject device, handpiece and polycarbonate modules, you can easily and safely remove dead skin cells from the stratum corneum. Used with Dermatude’s range of skincare and aftercare products, results can be visibly enhanced. With Flex head technology and a range of polycarbonate modules, Meta Therapy gives you the tools to tackle skin aging problems for all your clients whatever their concerns. Treatment for the face, neck and décolleté area helps with visible appearance of fine lines, smoothes texture and reduces the appearance of pores. It also hydrates the skin, face, neck and décolleté area. Dermatude's range of proprietary branded skincare includes its pre and post-treatment cleansers and toners, and is created to work in tandem with the effect of Meta-ject and its luxury aftercare product line, which helps enhance and prolong the effect of the treatment regime.

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Leading beauty professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide choose Dermatude Meta Therapy, a 100% natural anti-aging alternative option for botox, fillers and even plastic surgery. In 34+ countries, Dermatude’s low investment costs, great revenue, turn-key concept and proven results make it the best choice! Sensational!

Why do leading beauty professionals like us?

Dermatude fills in the gap for beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery.

Why do entrepreneurs like Dermatude?
Low investment costs, great revenue, and it’s a total turnkey concept; ready to start in your area! Dermatude is successful in 34+ countries worldwide.

Will you be next?  2,500+ institutes.  200,000+ treatments Already in 35 countries worldwide!

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